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Top Eight Expensive Apartments in The World

Indeed, a house or apartment is the best place where you feel cozy and relaxing. Generally, apartments or flats are generally not considered very huge but found appropriate for a single-family. Do you know there are some outclass apartments that do not just consist of a couple of rooms or a lounge but have a complete world in it? So, today we are here with a list of the top eight expensive apartments in the world. Here we go!

Number. 1

MONACO – $335 Million

Firstly, Monaco is the world’s most expensive apartment in the world. It has five stories and has large-sized five-bedrooms. Plus, you also found the dancing floor and two pools (with water slides) as well on other stories. Also, one of the interesting facts about this penthouse is that it is designed by a 12-year-old kid. Isn’t it shocking?

Number. 2

NEWYORK – $250 Million

New York City is notable for its costly basic items. Undoubtedly, New York is an overcrowded place, this city has everything in it. The Condo apartments in New York costs $250 million with four floors and five balconies. Moreover, the beautiful view and cool breeze of Central Park enhance its beauty. Also, 16 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms make you confused about which bathroom to use in an emergency. But, remember one thing you have to empty all bank accounts to live in this costly apartment.

Number. 3

LONDON-$195 Million

London penthouse makes you feel royal. Perhaps, the jewel of this costly apartment is that it brings you close to the Queen. Do you know why? You can give a look at Buckingham palace from your balcony. So, this statement will not be wrong if you say “Queen lives in my neighbor”. Plus, it has 12 luxury bedrooms. Of course, it’s quite uneasy to pay the full payment at once, so the different payment options are offered by the owner.

Number. 4

Dubai – $74 Million

One such expensive spot is the penthouse in Tower One. It has eight bedrooms with cinemas and temple rooms as well. Furthermore, you can witness the beautiful sunrise view above the ocean. Your balcony is the place to make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

Number. 5

HONGKONG-$66 Million

Well, Hong Kong Presidential Unit is the number one expensive apartment in Asia. It has four master bedrooms with two parking spaces. Also, the balcony of the Presidential Unit is around 1500 square feet, big enough for gatherings and parties. The most eye-catching part of the Presidential Unit is the hot tub on its balcony.

Number. 6

Los Angeles- $50 Million

Four Seasons in Los Angeles is like heaven on this earth. The penthouse in the four-season has a peaceful green 9000 square feet garden with a big swimming pool. This place is specifically for nature lovers as the Four Seasons penthouse is on Beverley Hills. With just $50 Million you can grab your apartment to experience the view of Effile Tower from your window. Undoubtedly, the interior of the Four Seasons is never the less than any Palace.

Number. 7

San Francisco- $42 Million

San Francisco Apartment is around 700 feet high. You can welcome the clouds through the window or balcony. The interior of the apartment is quite classy and cool. However, the doors of the apartment are made from high-quality wood with gold handles. Well, the Gold door handles and the fine interior of the apartment are enough to impress your guests or friends. No doubt, it’s a luxury apartment at an affordable price.

Number. 8


Lastly, if you want a pool and golf simulator both at the same apartment, so go for Honolulu Hawaii Apartment. It’s a building with 36 floors. Plus, it has 5 bedrooms with 10 000 square feet area. And, the ocean view with your favorite Sushi makes this apartment priceless.

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