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The Perfect Skin Care Routine

In today’s world, with a variety of skin care product available for us to select from, it’s absolutely impossible to build a skin care routine. Beyond being a trend, a skin care routine can greatly benefit your skin in the long run. However, in order to achieve the most out of your skin care routine not only do you have to do it right but rather you need ensure the products you use are fit for you skin and dermatologically tested in order to reap positive benefits off of it.

Out face skin can be sensitive and using harsh and unsuitable products can only make it worse rather than better. So, keep reading as we list down the perfect skin care routine you need to follow once you’ve got your hands on the right products!

Use a good exfoliator

When it comes to exfoliators, the thing you need to keep in mind is to never do it every day! Make a habit of exfoliating your face simple once or twice a week in order to help get rid of dead cells that build up in your skin. Not doing so would cause clogged pores to build up, thus leading to break outs and acne. Removing dead skin cells will allows space for the growth of healthy ones.

Start off with a cleanser

The first and foremost step would be to cleanse your face from any excess dirt and debris. While this step is required for the mornings too, it’s absolutely mandatory for the night as you come home after a long day and take off your make up. Cleaning you face leaves it fresh and ready to be pampered. You can get your hands on good cleanser through lay away.

Apply a toner

Once you’re done with cleaning your face thoroughly, the next step would be to apply a toner that suits your skin best. You can either take a few drops on your palms or on a cotton pad or gently swipe it across your face in order to remove the remaining dirt and dead skin cells more thoroughly. As you don’t exfoliate daily, using a tone will help keep your dead skin cells from building up too much.

It’s time for a serum

While some use a different serum in the day time and another during the night, you need to figure out which works best for you as everyone’s skin type often differs from the other and requires individual care and attention that works best for them. You can either opt for an oil-based serum or a water based one depending on your skin type.

Apply some moisturizer

Lastly in order to close the steps to your skin care routine, you need to apply a good layer of moisturizer in order to keep your skin feeling nourished, healthy and refreshed at all times. The right moisturizer can help rejuvenate your skin, giving it a brighter look in days to come. Right before your moisturizer, you could even opt for an eye cream if need be.

Don’t forget to use some natural masks on your face every now and then too!

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