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Seven Common HVAC Maintenance Problems

1. Call Experts to Check Your System

A licensed service contractor regularly scheduled maintenance MUST keep your system in order. With proper maintenance, a certified service contractor can avoid many of the most common furnace problems. Your system of home heating probably invested thousands of dollars. Why should this not be protected? You will probably experience unanticipated costs of failure, increased energy costs, poor performance and frustration if your failure to perform regular maintenance.

2. Ignition Problems

A number of causes may increase the Ignition problems. A dirty pilot, short cycling, a flame sensor, or a burner may cause a pilot failure, a lockout of the furnace or delayed burner ignition. It may also result from a problem in gas supply or just the wear and tear of an ignition component that has to be replaced like a thermostat or hot surface ignitor. In any case, a trained service technician will handle these problems because it deals with hazardous elements such as natural gas and high voltage.

3. Filters Replacement

The regular replacement of your filter is one of the most important things to extend your furnace life and efficiency. It will restrict airflows if your filter is blocked, which will make it much harder for your unit to circulate in the air. This may damage your furnace’s blower. Also, the furnace can also be overheated and shut down due to the dirty or blocked filter.

4. Regular Services

The normal wear and tear of the components can have negative effects on your unit performance. These include belts and coats that can lead to poor heating, overheating, or airflow problems. The oil bearings stretched belts, and motors service is a part of regular servicing.

5. Unusual Noises are the Warning Sign

Some furnace noises are normal, while others are a warning or a sign of a mechanical problem. An engine that is whining or squealing can indicate that the bearings in the blower motor or inducer motor fail. Also, the motor replacement may be necessary to avoid a failure of the furnace. Perhaps, airflow issues or dirty burners may result in unusual noises. In any case, these signs should not be ignored because they may be a sign of malfunctioning, or may cause a furnace failure.

6. Circuit Tripping Issues

The blower’s overworking may end up in tripping the circuit breaker in the furnace. It is better to keep monitoring the furnace’s airflow either something is blocking it. Well, if the air filter is dirty, the blower will struggle more to force air through it. This increases the energy consumption of the blower can sometimes trip the breaker. Monitor your filter regularly and clean it before you set your circuit breaker.

Perhaps, it is better to contact an expert who can determine whether the issue is due to a circuit breaker or furnace problem. However, other issues may include duct leaks blocked air registers, or dirty coils.

7. Thermostat Problems

Many thermostats are available, both programmable and non-programmable. Often, if you think that the furnace doesn’t function properly, probably the issue is with the thermostat. You can avoid paying for a costly or unnecessary service call by referring to the owner’s manual and reviewing the operating instructions. Usually, the Thermostats that are programmable have replaceable batteries. If problems are still inoperative, a service technician can quickly diagnose problems.

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