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Practical Tips to Overcome Laziness While Preparing for Defence Exams

Everyone seeks that slight edge that will put them ahead of the competition. One such area is adding more effective study hours into your routine. What if you could increase your daily study time from eight to ten hours? It’s difficult to be sure but it’s doable. In this article, we’ll go over some tactics to help you overcome lethargy when studying (plus additional steps to combat tiredness in the evening) and thereby enhance your effectiveness. These tactics can help you to channel through every phase of the defence exam. Preparation of defence exams will demand you to put in arduous efforts consistently. However, if you frequently feel tired while studying, then go through the points mentioned in this article.

One of the major problems candidates face while studying for the exam is laziness. Well, laziness is a person’s noxious enemy. We understand not everyone knows how to annihilate  tiredness and laziness during study hours. To help you on it, we have mentioned some of the effective ways to overcome laziness while preparing for defence exams.

Here are some practical tips you can follow to overcome laziness while preparing for defence exams:

Do you often get tired or drowsy during study hours? If yes, then go through the below mentioned points. For sure, these tips can help you deter laziness while studying.

1. Prioritize your schedule

Instead, if you choose easy tasks early in the day to give yourself a false sense of progress – as many procrastinators do. You’re more likely to succumb to procrastination and give up later in the day, when your energy and willpower would rather not be put to the test. For the same reason, schedule your low-effort, non-academic activities like socialising, making phone calls, and doing daily chores later in the day, if at all possible.

2. Exercise daily

Physical activity improves learning ability and long-term memory. Also, it reduces anxiety and despair, according to researchers. Exercise, on the other hand, has numerous advantages, including improved concentration, alertness, and motivation. However, not all exercises are created equal in terms of their ability to improve your concentration and alertness. The most effective cardiovascular activities, according to most research, are 30-odd minutes of intensive, sweat-inducing cardiovascular exercises. You should do exercises that are suitable for you.

3. Eat to maintain energy levels

Although your brain only accounts for 2% of your total body weight, it consumes 20% of your daily energy. Non-pleasant mentally draining tasks: preparation for exams will fall into this category – sap our energy quickly, according to studies. As a result, it’s critical to eat in a way that keeps your energy levels up when undertaking mentally demanding jobs. Also, avoid eating junk food and caffeinated food items. Instead, you can choose to drink 8 glasses of water everyday to keep yourself active. If you want to enter the Indian Air forces, then start preparing for the AFCAT exam. For perfect exam preparation you can join a marvellous institute that offers the best AFCAT coaching.

4. Steal a power nap

It’s quite obvious that your energy levels can go down while preparing for the exam. When you start feeling tired, it is essential to take a nap for a short time. It is advisable to take a nap of at least 30 minutes during the afternoon. You can easily regain energy after taking a nap. Also, it can become very easy for you to focus during study hours.

5. Take regular breaks

You need to take a break for two major reasons. Also, it helps in restoring your depleting concentration. It is observed that our concentration levels start dropping after 50 minutes of continuous study. Therefore, it is better to take a break of 5-10 minutes after studying for 50 minutes. During your break you can listen to music, go for a walk or spend time with your close family member.

6. Get up and move around

If you’re feeling drowsy while studying, you can get up and move about for a few minutes rather than taking power naps. You don’t need to go to the gym to get your blood circulating. Stretch and dance to your favorite song, or simply go for a 10-minute walk outside. Also, you can move around in your room with your book and study. This way you can make your preparation period simple as well as interesting.

7. Read loudly and write notes

Reading aloud keeps you more engaged than reading in your head, which might help you stay awake when studying. Additionally, keep a rough copy beside you where you can jot down the key ideas of what you’re reading. This is not only the most effective approach to memorise your notes, but it also keeps your body engaged, focused, and aware. For sure, you will feel less lazy and more focused while studying for the exam. We would suggest this method to study for every section of the exam.

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Adhere to the aforementioned tips if you feel dizziness while preparing for the defence exams. Also, make sure you are eliminating every distraction that falters your focus while studying for the exam.

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