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Manufacturer of bearings, distributor and suppliers in Mumbai

Bearing manufacturers, distributors & suppliers in Mumbai

Bearings are essentially the machine parts that keep the world moving. Bearings find usage  everywhere in the day to day things that surround us – from the fan you are sitting beneath, to your car &  the plane in which you took the last flight.

Bearings have a significant part to play in our lives as without them our world would cease to move. They are required  in nearly every machine which has a moving part as they help in reducing friction & assist in rotation of objects. Bearings are an interface between the static & the moving parts of a machine & help in increasing the efficiency of rotation.

Functions of Bearings

The main functions of bearings are-

#To reduce friction which helps in smooth rotation leading to lower energy consumption.

#Supporting the Load – depending on whether the load is radial, thrust or angular.

# A guide for moving components like axles & shafts.

How to select the right bearing?

The  major criteria based on which you should select the bearings are –

  1. It should match the specifications required – the performance requirements & operating conditions
  2. The direction & magnitude of load
  3. The appropriate bearing type and arrangement
  4. The precise bearing size as per specification
  5. Lubrication requirements
  6. Easy availability of good quality bearings & effortless replacement  to facilitate the upkeep & maintenance & inspection of the machinery.

The problems that could crop up with bearings

  1. Lubrication failures – This tops the list. Bearings may face lubrication failures due to insufficient lubrication, lubricant degradation due to excessive temperature or use of unsuitable lubricants.
  2. Contamination – It could be due to foreign particles like dirt, grit, dust or metal chips etc finding their way into the lubricant due to handling or dirty environment .
  3. Improper Mounting – This could be due to very loose or excessively tight housing fits, loose shaft fits or not following proper mounting instructions.
  4. Misalignment – This could be due to loose fits or wear & tear, bent shafts improper installation etc,
  5. Corrosion – Moisture, low quality lubricant, acid, condensation due to excessive temperature fluctuations could cause corrosion to the fine surface of ball & roller bearings.
  6. Electrical damage – Constant passage of even low amount of electric current could lead to electrical damage.
  7. Fatigue – Overuse of bearings than its prescribed life, overloading  or tight  fits can cause fatigue.
  8. Overheating – Overheating could be due to higher operating temperatures than prescribed & inadequate lubrication  resulting in bleeding of the  lubricant. Due to overheating oxidation  could lead to loss of lubrication resulting in dry , crusty soap seizing the bearing. Overheating could also lead to hardening of metal surface leading to breakage.
  9. Excessive loads – Loads higher than prescribed can lead to failure in bearings.
  10. Improper storage & handling –  If the bearings are exposed to moisture or dust  they could get contaminated or corroded. If the storage boxes are torn or removed from packing prematurely then they could be exposed to contamination.

Some of the problems are technical & are to be taken care on the shop floor, there are a few others that can be taken care of by us as the manufacturer, distributors & suppliers or bearings in Mumbai.

Our role as a bearing manufacturer, distributor & supplier in Mumbai

# We, at Adarsh Bearings,as a Bearing Manufacturer in Mumbai  understand the technicalities & requirements of high quality bearings to ensure that your production line is uninterrupted & there is no loss due to lubrication, corrosion etc. We use the best quality raw material,standardized calibration procedures & stringent Quality Control to deliver world class products for your requirements.

 To ensure that the bearing  performs to its potential an Instruction manual with specifications & usage is provided which should be adhered to get best results.

# We, at Adarsh Bearings as a Bearing distributor & supplier in Mumbai, ensure proper stocking of products to avoid any kind of delay in servicing your requirements. Our systems are streamlined & we assure you the best after sale service in the industry.

Ease of availability & in time replacement is our forte which averts losses in your business due to downtime or shutdowns in production due to non- availability of essential components.

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