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How to list your language proficiency in your resume?

Are you working on revising your resume? Perhaps, this is your first resume, and you are still a college student? Searching for Resume Writing Services in Delhi? If the latter is confirmed, you will undoubtedly want assistance in preparing your first resume. Don’t worry, we’ve (Client name) got you covered. Knowledge of various languages may lead to a variety of career prospects. When looking for employment, adding your language abilities to your resume might assist an employer notice your resume. The job you are applying for may demand knowledge of a specific language, or it may be a great bonus to the company if you have these talents. This post will define resume language abilities and show you how to display them in your resume correctly.


Creating an appealing resume that emphasizes and highlights all of your talents, abilities, experience, and accomplishments is challenging. Many individuals choose to use professional Resume Writing Services in Delhi. It is because it requires a professional writer to know precisely how to put the perfect phrase in the proper spot while paying close attention to detail. Although adding language abilities to your resume may seem straightforward, it requires some forethought if you want to do it well. Language skills are the other languages you are fluent in addition to the language on your resume. If you seek a job in the United States, your resume will most likely be in English, demonstrating your command of American English. Any additional languages in which you have intermediate, advanced, fluent, or native understanding abilities might be included on your resume as language talents.

Why is it Important to Add Language Skills to your Resume?

Communication is an essential element of every profession, and depending on your function, you may be required to speak with coworkers, bosses, or customers. Recruiters often seek language abilities since they demonstrate your capacity to communicate with various individuals. They also demonstrate perseverance and commitment to learning something new and challenging. Knowing a second language demonstrates cultural awareness, which is a vital asset to have as firms across all sectors globalize. Understanding the language of a place where your potential employer operates might make your resume stand out. You may know their cultural practices and be able to connect with them in a culturally acceptable way and converse with their foreign partners.

Language skills may help you grow in your profession in various ways. You may establish ties with the employer’s overseas contacts without using a translator. Small domestic employers will profit from being able to contact directly with their customers when people and families mobilize to other nations. Regardless of the languages, you speak or your professional area, language abilities may help you expand your professional network, get additional employment possibilities, and demonstrate your soft skills.

Find your language proficiency level.

Before including languages on your resume, evaluate your ability to communicate in the language by speaking, reading, and listening. The descriptions of language levels below might help you establish whether you are a beginning, intermediate, or proficient language speaker. Being able to converse with a French waiter in Paris is not the same as having professional working competency in French. To include your language skills on your resume, you must be completely honest about your speaking, writing, and reading abilities. Make a list of the languages you know first.

Your potential employer may be more interested in your writing abilities, depending on the position you desire so that you can continue contact with overseas business partners. Another company may be interested in your language abilities because they want you to attend a meeting with overseas partners. Because languages are such a large subject, you should discover your solid areas and consider how you may turn them into your strengths.

Before you include your language ability levels on your resume, make sure you understand:

  • What does proficiency imply?
  • Differences between fluent and competent
  • Differences between native and fluent

Five levels of language proficiency


This language competence level is for individuals just beginning to study a new language. They understand some fundamental words and phrases but cannot construct a grammatically proper sentence or converse with someone in that language.


An intermediate language speaker can maintain a basic conversation in the language despite speaking slower than a native speaker and needing some repetition to grasp the discussion. They have a limited vocabulary, get grammatical principles, and are capable of reading.

Competent language skill:

Is defined as the capacity to speak, read, and write the language with ease. Proficient speakers can easily converse with a native speaker, although specific topics may need to be repeated or colloquialisms clarified. They can talk in the language if they have a good proficiency level.


Speaker can speak, write, and comprehend the language quickly. They completely understand the language, including colloquialisms, but they are not native speakers.

Native language:

Ability refers to the capacity to speak a language you grew up speaking and have learned all parts of, such as grammar, complex ideas, and an extensive vocabulary.

Language proficiency system in foreign countries.

Depending on the nation you are applying to, aptitude tests may or may not be necessary; nevertheless, institutions overseas often demand one or more language competence exams. Furthermore, they are more or less required when applying to European countries. However, they vary in the level of skill necessary for specific courses, which is where the CEFR comes into play. You would have heard the word rather often.

The CEFR, or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, and Assessment, is a reference standard created and established by the Council of Europe as part of the “Language Learning for European Citizenship” initiative. This standard was developed to produce a standard that can be used as a regular scale to evaluate competency in multiple languages spoken on the European continent. It is currently extensively used by institutions worldwide to set language proficiency markers. The method creates to assess language skills in non-native speakers of the language. Whereas resume writing India is slightly different.

A student may see CEFR as a guideline that assesses a non-native speaker’s capacity to communicate in a foreign language. It might apply to any foreign language, including German, French, English, and Spanish.

How to list resume language skills

You are now ready to add your talents to your resume after establishing your language comprehension levels, aside from a section for language talents. You may also showcase them in your summary at the start of your resume. Suppose you are looking for a position that requires language abilities, such as a Certified Nursing Assistant. In that case, you may start your summary with a Bilingual CNA with 7 years of experience in a hospital environment. It will immediately bring attention to your language talents, and the employer may then check your languages or skills section for further information.


Language skills are always remarkable, and certain occupations demand them. How you incorporate language abilities on your resume depends on whether they are relevant to the job, how many languages you speak, and what level. Because your language abilities are just a minor component of your resume, it’s critical that you also grasp how to create a resume section by section. Your language abilities have the potential to propel your résumé to new heights. With the suggestions and information provided above, you may learn precisely how to list and arrange your multilingual talents. If you need better guidance on resume writing, you can shoot an email to (Client name), or feel free to call us on any time. We provide the best resume writing services in Delhi.

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