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How Important is Art & Craft in Child Development?

Have you started planning simple art activities for your kids to do at home? It probably is one of the best things you’d be doing for them and for yourself. Here’s why.

They Become Creative!

Is this not the most obvious fact that children become creative when they engage in art and craft? As children explore with colours, shapes, and textures of all kinds, it would only be surprising if they did not become creative by the day! Make sure you hand your kids interesting, appropriate material, so their creative minds grow accordingly. Look for the best kids craft kits around the best stores that they are no doubt, going to love!

A Great Way to Develop Motor Skills

Children develop their fine motor skills starting at a very early age. The more you encourage them, the faster they will develop. Fine motor skills are important for a child to start doing basic actions, such as holding a spoon and eating by themselves, or tying their shoelaces on their own, and eventually become more independent and confident individuals.

Painting, colouring, gluing, sticking, and cutting are all key activities that encourage the development of fine motor skills. They also support coordination of muscles, and in particular, help them use both hands at the same time.

They Learn to Speak and Communicate

Literacy is one of the most crucial aspects of development in children. Often parents begin to worry and panic when they notice speech delays in children. Art and craft never fail to get a child engaged, given that you choose age-appropriate, suitable activities of course, and so, children would no doubt, love to talk about it – both while doing an activity and afterwards. It is a great way to engage conversation and communication, and help them express themselves.

They Learn Math Concepts

You probably have seen how preschool craft activities often involve a touch of math in them. Children are often seen cutting out shapes, circles, squares, and triangles, and using them to make houses, cars, and other objects.

A subtle introduction of math concept through art, craft, and play is recommended to promote various aspects of development in children. Thus, if they missed a session of art & craft, it could probably mean that they’d missed out on a lot more than that.

Develop Self Esteem

Creating something out of plain paper and little things certainly is an achievement. Children can feel a great sense of achievement and pride after having created something with their own hands, and this feeling carries a long way, helping them build self-esteem and confidence as they go. In other words, the little bits of confidence they start building through play is the foundation to stronger self-esteem and confidence levels in the years to come.

A Great Way to Bond

Sitting down to do paint is such a great way to bond with your child, which otherwise, given our lifestyles, could seem almost impossible. When you’ve set aside some time for your kids to paint or colour, you make it a point to sit with them, communicate, express yourselves, and spend quality time, which is a little more important for their development than any of the above!

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