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Best Christening Gift Ideas for Baby Boys and Girls

Christening or baptism is celebrated to welcome a baby into the Christian faith. It is celebrated in different ways depending on the denomination, but the purpose for the ceremony is just the same. Although you won’t actually be told to bring a gift when they invite you to a baptism, it is customary to have a gift for the baby as a token to commemorate the special day.

There are no rules on what gifts you could bring, it is all up to your choice. If you’re invited to a Christening event and you’re out of gift ideas, here are some of the best things you could bring as a gift.

Baptism Book

A baptism book is one of the best gifts you could bring during a Christening event. It can be personalized with the baby’s name, photos, and other personal details. What makes this gift really special is that it could be cherished by the entire family as a little keepsake for the event. As the baby gets older, he or she can also keep it as a remembrance of the Christening. Baptism books contain a more personalized story, making it a lot interesting when the baby gets older.

Gift Hamper

Another thoughtful baptism gift is a gift hamper. Gift hampers can actually contain different stuff depending on what you’ve chosen. You could opt for baby clothing set, bath set, feeding essentials, and many more. You could also personalize it by adding the baby’s name or initials in it and the date of the baptism to make it more special. If you’re looking for gift hampers and other luxury baby gifts Australia has a great store you should check out.

Children’s Bible

Since a Christening is an event that welcomes a baby into the Christian faith, another great gift is a children’s bible. Unlike regular grown-up bibles, children’s bibles are more interesting for babies and kids because of the colourful illustrations included in it.

Children’s bibles usually contain shortened versions of bible stories plus illustrations. Although small babies might not yet be interested in it, they would surely appreciate it once they grow bigger and understand stories more.

Keepsake Box

Keepsake boxes are also popular gifts for a baby baptism event. It serves as a little time capsule that the parents can fill in with little items that serve special memories in the life of the baby. Keepsake boxes can be made a lot more special by personalizing it with the baby’s name, baptism date, and even a short message or blessing inside. Don’t forget to put something special inside as well such as a little ornament or trinket as a keepsake for the special day.

Baptisms are a very special event for a baby. When choosing a gift for this event, it is important to make it really special to match the event as well. No matter what your gift is, don’t forget to include a small card with your dedication or message for the baby inside. They might not understand your message for now, but they would truly treasure it when they are already grown.

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