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Ali Banat, AYoung Muslim Donated His Property Before Death!!

Ali Banat considered cancer as a “gift” and spent his final years donating his belongings. A young Australian millionaire died of cancer spent the last three years of his life fighting the cancer. He gave away his life’s savings to those in need. Ali Banat, a Muslim boy who gained international fame for his sentimental video Gifted with Cancer, touched viewers’ hearts. In the video he revealed how his worldly belongings become meaningless after he learned he didn’t have long to live.

Ali Banat’s Lifestyle

Banat was previously residing in Greenacre, Sydney’s southwest, with his wife and family in Australia in 2015. He made a comfortable living in the city, running two successful businesses, He had a huge bedroom, Louis Vuitton shoes (his only brand of footwear), and a $60,000 bracelet. Moreover, one of his cars, a Ferrari Spider worth $600,000. However, none of it meant anything to him since he became ill.

He got rid of his cars, watches, and even his clothing, according to a video taken four months after his diagnosis in 2015. “I brought them with me overseas and distributed them to a large number of individuals”. I wanted to see if I could leave this world with nothing. This is the last thing you want to chase when you find out you’re sick or don’t have much time to live,” he said. And that is how we should live every day,” he added.

The Emotional Journey

Mr. Banat left his lucrative Sydney firm and traveled to Togo after doctors informed him he only had seven months to live. He began an emotional journey that would define the final years of his life. The African country is one of the poorest in the world, and inspired by his encounters with local Muslims, he decided to donate his money and raise funds to build a mosque and school, inviting others to join him by forming the charity Muslims Around the World – Project. A Ferrari convertible, a diamond ring, and dozens of pairs of luxury sunglasses and shoes were among his goods, which he said he had given to “a few of brothers in Africa.” 

“Driving anything like this no longer crosses my mind; this is not something I would do,” he remarked in the video, standing next to the Ferrari. He went on to say that the joy of one kid he had helped clothe was more valuable to him than his Ferrari. Many Muslims on social media saw his death during Ramadan as a reward from Allah for his good efforts.

After his death, a charity setup continues to help maintain his good efforts. Last Tuesday, the businessman turned humanitarian from Greenacre, Sydney, died. Ali Banat inspired everyone to live a life that was meaningful to them. In September 2016, Ali Banat’s charity bank account with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia suddenly closed. His family, including his wife, Irina Moises, and other members, formed non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to help others.

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