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7 Tricks to Increase Your Facebook Likes

Once you have created a Facebook page for your business, the main challenge is establishing a fan base. This can be partly accomplished by getting people to like it. When a person clicks the like button, they express an affinity for your products or your brand. A Facebook like equates to an email opt-in. Here is how to encourage people to click the like button on your Facebook page.

1. Add a Like button on your business website

A Facebook like button is one of the nine Facebook social plug-ins that can be used to create a more personalized experience with visitors. You can add this button by copy copying and pasting a particular HTML code. After that, people who click on it become your fans immediately without having to leave your website.

2. Add a Facebook Icon to your site

Though not every site has links to their social media networks, a good number have them. Mostly, they appear as small icons with the name of the networks written on them. You should use your website maximally by connecting visitors to all the social media platforms where you have an online presence.

By using your site as a one-stop-shop for all your social media platforms, you not only make it easy for people to like your Facebook page, but it is also a brilliant way of increasing traffic on your page.

3. Take advantage of your email list subscribers

These are people who have voluntarily subscribed to receive emails from meaning that they are interested in your company. Since some of them may not be aware of your Facebook page, send them a dedicated email to let them know that you have one and request them to like it.

4. Make good use of Facebook Ads

Ensure that your Ads are highly targeted in a way that they draw attention that is widespread. Ensure that you target your fans’ friends. By so doing, when there’s a new Ad, people see the names of friends who have liked your page.

5. Buy Facebook likes which are real

Buying Facebook likes is the best idea if you want to improve your social media presence. There are many providers for Facebook likes but make sure to check if they have non-drop guarantee and if the likes are real and active? Another point to check is that if they accept payment via paypal or debit/credit card.

6. Give incentives to fans

Although some people will like voluntarily after you have requested them, some may require motivation to do so. Giving rewards to spread your message and build a Facebook fan base is very okay.

Though a good number of brands often forget this marketing tool, it is a great way to remind people about your page and to get more fans. A signature on a Facebook message serves as a useful reminder. Also request your employees always to add an email signature.

The above tips are important when looking for more likes for your Facebook page. Make sure that you look for the ones that work best for you and utilize them.

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